I lost 7 pounds when I really wanted to lose 3.

Hello there, my imaginary followers.

So, I am now a month into this 8 month transformation and countdown till the Spartan Race in May of 2019.


I can’t say that this has been difficult or stressing or any of the above. I just feel like I am in a very strange and weird state of life.


It is like, I have found a path and went down that path that has lead me to some stairs and atop those stairs, there is a magnificent door.

It’s obviously locked or else I wouldn’t be writing about this magnificent door.

I’d be on the other side living the good life.

But back to the magnificent and locked door.

It is at the end of this path that I have been walking on and I don’t seem to know how to open it. I don’t know if I overlooked the key somewhere? Or if I passed up the secret code to get in?

I just know that I hear people on the other side and I want in.

Got a visual of my dilemma?

It is like the door is the door to the next level but I seemed to have missed something and I am wondering what that is…


I know more or less what it is and that is the hard work.

I am not saying that this last month hasn’t been a total wash or any sorts. It really has been a great month in a lot of different aspects. But on a scale of 8 months, I need to be a lot further than where I am at the moment.

Last time I checked in with my bank account numbers a month ago I was sitting with 6 bucks to my name and behind on my cable bill.

Today I have 300 bucks in my bank account and I am going to get fitted for a bridge for my teeth within the next week that is costing me 400 bucks that is already paid for. And none of my possessions are in pawn and nothing is in danger of being cut off.

Hooray me.

I mean, I’m not at the point to where I can go bonkers at Target the way I want to but one day… one day…

As far as the physical side….

I was tipping the scale at 219 and I am currently down to 212.


I used to be able to drop 20 pounds within a week or so and that’s that I didn’t have to make any big changes to my diet or take up any new and exciting exercise routine.

But now, in my more experienced years, I have been doing interment fasting, staying away from sweets and keeping my cheat days to once and week and it has been so damn hard to drop that 7 pounds.

And what has been even harder is getting motivated to get up and work out. I try to tell myself that a 8 hour shift of throwing around and delivering beer should be a good enough work but…


So it has been one hell of a learning curve for my aging ass.

What hasn’t been such a learning curve is the mental part. I have been soaking up the podcasts, audible books and youtube finance channels I have been consumed with.

I owe a lot of the mental focus to Onnit’s Total Human vitamin packages. It really puts my mind into high gear and allows me to focus so much better.

As I also wrote in the last post, I learned about the power list from Andy Frisilla and I owe him a large part of my thanks because that has been such a great tool for me to use as well.

Meaning, I am far from where I want to be but still closer than ever to where I am going.

So the overall grade of the last month for me: D+

Goals for me for the next month.


That’s it.

Because I know if I do that alone, I will be giving myself a B- next month when I follow up with you all, my imaginary readers.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to bringing you good news and better content as I progress in life and along the way.

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