The Podcast Importance


Ryan Michler, Sean Whalen, Charlie Brenneman, Aubrey Marcus and Andy Frisella

Right out the gate, I love you guys.

But let’s back this up some. I mean, I really do love you guys and you all have my up most admiration and respect.

So we are not backing up on that.

But I do want to take this back to the mid 90’s or so.

To a much younger me.

Typical ghetto kid with no father, drug addicted mother and yada yada yada.

We all know the lame ass lifetime Sunday night special. 

So no real need to get balls deep into that. 

But what I do want to touch on is something that I preach constantly nowadays and that is, “if you knew better, you’d do better”.

And that was it for me as a child and I feel that is “it” with most of those lost kids. 

We just didn’t know better.

My mom, whom I love dearly. 

Was just a hurting lost soul who was the byproduct of a piece of shit man. Who promised to take care of her and be the pillar in their household but only to have him beat her every night and hopped state to state afterwards ducking and dodging all of his responsibilities as a man. 

And that’s not mentioning all of her personal issues that she had as an incomplete and underdeveloped soul herself.

She just didn’t know what she was doing, trying to raise two boys and deal with all of that and understand her role in life. 

So to fuck if she had any chance of showing us what success looked like.

Success to me at that age was just having my mom take me to the movies the day after she came home drunk and would beat the shit out of me for no reason.

So it goes to no surprise that I had no talk of success or doing better whatsoever either.

Much of the conversations I heard growing up was, my mom and her friends talking about getting fucked, getting fucked up and scoring 8 balls.

I will also spare you the details of the porn in her closet that she freely made available to me and my brother.

I mean, as I write this, it does sound kinda cool.

Porn overload, constant parties and missing school to go to the movies.


But again, you get the picture. 

My mom wasn’t mother of the year material.

So yet another stunner… the men she brought around weren’t “prize winners” either.

Where to start there…


The man who would sit at home rather than go to work, just to talk shit to a 10 year old about being better at Madden because he doesn’t have a job.

But I will give him this, he did say that the movie Armageddon with Bruce Willis would become a classic.


The herion addict who killed himself by falling off a tree.


The guy who set me up to sell my first dime bag at the age of 11 and rolled into BSV.


The other John?

The guy who climbed into bed with me and gave me “The Poke”.

What I will take away from that experience though, is NO MEANS NO.

And I don’t need no damn rape whistle.

I got these hands.


Finally, I could write a mother fucking New York Times Bestseller on the piece of work that was my moms 13 year mistake with the shit stain of a human being… David.

So, at this age and progressing times of my life, success was…



So in the wise lyrics of one of their greatest hits that helped me develop into the fine young man I once was,

“Ass and titties, ass and titties, ass and titties and big booty bitches”

This summed up where I was in life and where I was probably going to go in life as well.

If you are lost at this point, how the hell do you think I was feeling??

But in hindsight, Three Six Mafia was coming out with banger after banger and that was also the time of the emergence of Lil Wayne and Cash Money. So maybe I wasn’t all that lost.

Fast forward a few years, I started a family, fucked up that family and was on the fast track to becoming one of those men that my mom was constantly bringing around.

A worthless dick.

Yes, God was there. 

He has been there from the jump. 

But, it’s not that easy. 

We all know this.

We’ve all been there.

All my friends, family and anyone I was ever basically around only wanted to talk about was much of the same. 

“Fuck this, fuck that, life sucks, God answers prayers and get drunk.”

So there I was, in search of something.


I had no clue what to do or where I wanted to go in life, I just knew what the hell I didn’t want to do in life. 

And that was become the trash I grew up around.

So at a divorce seminar, someone suggested listening to a podcast…

More on that here.

I was rocked.

The shit sent shock waves throughout my soul.

It was actual men talking about actual success and GROWTH.

I was beyond amazed and sssoooo hooked.

Growing up without a father, I can personally tell you that, yeah, hell yeah, it was rough. And I wanted nothing more than some type of direction and structure in life from some type of fatherly figure.

I mean we can dabble into the “product of your environment” talk. Because I think that was a huge issue in my life at the time.

Plain and simple, I was born into shit, I was raised around shit and I was quickly becoming shit, primarily because my life was shit.

I just didn’t know anything else other than shit.

Then after wishing, praying and hoping that The Almighty would bless me with something I would understand…

He did.

In words that I could understand from men that were taking charge in life. 

I owe a great deal of my new found glory and focused mentality to you five men and your empowering podcast.


You were the man I was missing my entire life.


You told me to man the fuck up and write a letter to my ex-wife.


I will never forget the conversation we had over the phone and you telling me that you would be sitting in the front row listening to me speak one day.


You beautiful beautiful mother fucker. You speak to my soul.

And Andy.

I just started a power list pocket journal. That shit belongs to you, homie and I fully intend on hand delivering it to you.

Thank you, gentleman from the bottom of my heart. I honestly wouldn’t know where I would be without the message you have all delivered to this lost boy who you all helped become a man.

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