In short, awesome shit.


I was ready for myself and the damage I knew I can do over a weekend with the kids and halloween parties, not to mention the Saints vs the Vikings.

And didn’t over eat not once this week.

I kept shit simple and researched a lot of things on habits and the way the work against you and tips on build new ones. 

I found an awesome (look, I told you this week was awesome so get used to the word awesome throughout) article on tips to utilize your phone to help you do better than just watch porn and read about LeBron James.

Just so we are clear, those two actions are never simultaneous. 


Watch a scene or two, yada yada yada, back to life.

Sitting on the throne, handling business, read about how much the Lakers suck and whatnot, then back to life.

It is never pornhub to ESPN or ESPN to pornhub.

If that’s your thing, cool, just not mine.

But mmmmaaayyybbbbeeee…..


Anyways, the article gave me some great tips on how to improve my self discipline and relax the anxiety of the damn red badges on my cell phone.


When I read the article, and how it talked about the badges caused anxiety, I immediately called bullshit.

I just thought it was like OCD or just a personal gear grinder.

But when I turned the badges off…



It was immediate relief.


It also turned me on the and the fasting app Zero, more awesomeness.

Not to mention the Content & Privacy Restrictions setting on the phone.

Because I am really going balls deep on this march to the Spartan Race and being a better human being, so I blocked my 13 year old spank happy self from any balls deep websites.

These habit articles and podcast I’ve been listening to have put me on some real next level shit and have put me in a all out battle with my subconscious self and horrible flippin habits I have.

So, if I know that I will come home, eat like a raccoon, scroll around on pornhub, then take a nap and beat off 3-4 hours of my afternoon when I can be doing something wwwwaaaayyy better, I will take extreme measures against myself.

Like keeping my debt card in my backpack and throwing it in the trunk on my way home so I don’t stop and pick up a pizza. Blocking all questionable content from my phone. And just a simple time change of when I take my vitamins, so that way I get the prime effect of them when I am home and get that great second wind for the better part of my day.

Just a really awesome article and real fascinating and simplistic changes for drastic improvements.

You’re not the tool, your phone is.

Another huge driving factor in my awesome week was the Wim Hof breathing techniques.

Look, if you take anything away from this post, please look into this guy and his… just fucking awesomeness. And his breathing technique. 

I’m not in any way, shape or form going to pretend to know what the science is behind it or how it really works.


It’s like a mental override. 

Or that Mortal Kombat cheat code where you can do one button fatalities.

But in the convince of your shower and instead of ripping off someones head and spine, you are ready to rip apart your to do list and feel like a fucking boss.


So please, CHECK. THIS. SHIT. OUT.


The Order of Man Podcast has been vital to everything I have been doing these past few years and one of the most valuable cornerstones to what I am trying to build my life on. I fully intend on writing a open letter to Ryan and a post just dedicated to how influential he has been in my life through his work on his awesome podcast.

So there is no surprise that his interview with Bobby Maximus was another awesome factor of my work this week.

OOM Episode 188

Outside of the following things I wanted to share that helped me have such an awesome week, I just want to say that I also had awesome talks and times with my family and friends this week too. 

From the day to days with my beautiful mama pug and the work conversations with my boy Mario to the awesome weekend and talks with my kids. I can honestly chalk this awesome week up to, just taking out negativity and putting good in and learning more on how I work. 

Consciously or subconsciously.

I told my boy today, what happens when you take out a big nasty weed from your yard? I’m talking roots and all. First off, you have to put that work in to rip the son of a bitch out and then know that its going to be dirty and hard work. Then you are left with a gapping hole in your yard. Fill it with some good clean and wholesome dirty from the mother herself and let the universe take care of the rest.

Muchos gracias for reading.


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