what happened?

A few days after my posting of Unfinished Business, ESPN reported that Kawhi wanted a trade preferably the Lakers…


Did I rip his jersey out of my closet and immediately head to bbq pit?

Of course not.

I was at HEB shopping when I got the news.

So it is the only reason I didn’t actually go that route.

I reacted like any other Spurs fan would and hit up all my sports news outlets and fished around from any official quote from Kawhi and his people, but I found nothing. Just like all the info I have found out about his mysterious quad injury. 

Fast forward a few more days and more news broke out about him not wanting to meet with Pop and him intentionally avoiding everyone but the song remained the same, he wants out.


At this point I was ready to go down to Franky Diablos and repaint the Kawhi mural with some rather unflattering terms.

Somewhere along the lines of something the Great Hambino would say at a much older, balder and angrier age. 


The draft came and went and still not a single word out of Kawhi’s camp nor a move or heads up on the Spurs camp either. 

**lights a cigarette**

Now, I’m pretty pissed off and I’m not here to drop the hammer on Kawhi and speak horribly about him or how he can’t play or how he flaked out all of last season or anything like that.

He’s just no Tim Duncan.

He’s no David Robinson.

He’s no Avery Johnson.

Hell, he’s no John Stockton.

Welcome to a new day and age. A day and age where this kind of behavior is glorified. Anywhere from LeBron’s decision to last years Kyrie’s fiasco to even NFL players holding out.

This kind of behavior is the new norm.

And not just in the sports world.

Ask at least 5 of your friends how many jobs they have had in the past year or two and tell me how many have been with the same company for more than a year.

Dedication to a greater propose outside of someones self is nothing more than a thing of the past. 

Hell, I have played hop scotch with all the beer distribution companies here in San Antonio simply because I “felt underpaid” or “felt questionable about their loyalties” or any of the other bullshit ass excuses I hide behind my “feelings”.


And that is what I feel this all boils down to. 

Our wonderful feelings.

“At the end of your feelings is nothing, but at the end of every principle is promise.”

~ Eric Thomas

And that is what Kawhi and everyone in the world is always caught up in. Our feelings.

When he went down in the playoff game against the Warriors with his ankle injury or his “quad” injury. His body language was clearly out of wack, it was obvious that he wanted to be back in and that is in the heart of every competitor. But Pop put him on the shelf for the rest of the series…

On April 11, 2000 Tim Duncan tore the lateral meniscus in his left knee in the 78th game of the season. 

He missed the final four games of the regular season and forced coach Pop into one hell of a decision.

Let the Big Fundamental go and defend his first title or…

Bench him for the rest of the season and playoffs and let Shaq and Kobe run wild on the league for the next 3 years.

We all know how history played out.

Shaq and Kobe won some titles.


Kobe demanded that Shaq get traded.

The Lakers went through various ups and downs.

Shaq got lost somewhere out in Cleveland or Miami… How the hell did he end up on TNT??

Kobe got the monkey off his back with 2 championships of his own.

Kobe’s final three seasons… 93-153.

As for Tim Duncan after his benching in 2000,

Oh, you know, just a back to back MVP, 2 finals MVP’s, 4 championships, 17 consecutive 50+ win seasons and a career plus minus of… drumroll please…



To put it in a little more prospective, LeBron James, “The King” is at +6700

A 3000 point difference


and he got benched…

He didn’t throw a fit. He didn’t call out his coaching staff or coach. He didn’t travel away from the team to be with “his” people. None of the above. 

All he did was place his ego aside and entrusted in his coaching staff and into the greater process and picture of things and showed the world a lesson. A lesson that nobody sees or talks about. 

A lesson in dedication to the greater good.

Again, I can go on for days about how great Duncan is and was with stats galore and I can also pop off with Robinson’s stats and just for shits and giggles, toss in the Mailman’s stats and Hakeem Olajuwon’s too. Just so you know that I’m not 100% bias to my hometown God. 

But this ins’t about their mind-blowing and historic stats that will live through records and stories of those who witnessed their greatness.

This isn’t even about Kawhi anymore.

This is a infatuation on why are we continuously glorifying the actions of these prima donnas and not more concerned about a dying breed of not only athletes, but dedicated men in the world and even more so, why aren’t they admired more?

Why, as men, aren’t we striving to be more dedicated to being MEN rather than so ego driven and such fragile pussies with our feelings and hiding behind them. Not being able to say how we really feel on a face to face basis rather than on just a social platform for the attention. Having such a problem facing constructive criticism when constructive criticism is clearly needed or listening to advice or coaching from someone who knows a thing or two more than us. 

Why are we failing as men?

And again, why aren’t the real men being acknowledged more and admired for their dedication?

Those franchise rocks who get drafted by a team and retire with the same team, the men who stay dedicated to their wives till death, the men who are there to change pampers all the way until their kids have their own kids and are still giving out lessons like how to change a pamper,  those men who are dedicated to a craft and not just a company paycheck,  for all the men that are dedicated to serving something greater than just themselves and their feelings.

In conclusion, 


I don’t hate you. But fact of the matter is. Break ups are tough. I wish you all the best in Lakerland. I wish you all the best in life and know you’ll be golden. But just remember, Derek Anderson.



And remember, Timmy got benched and didn’t bitch once about it.

He was just too busy winning on and off the court of life to be too concerned about his ego, the bright lights and or the attention of anything else other than his dedication.

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