**menacing stare**

Being that I grew up without a dad, you pick and choose pointers from different people you come across in life on how to be a dad. 

I chose a lot from coach Pop. 

I demand precise execution when telling my girls what to do. I will deliver the most menacing stare downs when my girls are acting up. I don’t care who is watching, I will turn red as a tomato while blowing a gasket screaming if they do something terrible. I will look like I have the worst job in the history of the world at times. 

And when you ask me about parenting, much like when you ask Pop about coaching, we are brief and to the point with little feedback on our true insight and even less with our praise and will spit out, “they could do better”. 

But at the end of the day, when no one is around and behind closed doors. We know we are nothing without our kids and that we are just riding the coattails of their greatness. 

We know that there is nothing else in this world that we’d rather do than be a father. 

There is nothing else we’d rather do than sit down and teach our kids the X’s and O’s of life and watch their eyes light up as the learn things. 

Nothing else we’d rather do than goof around and be absolute clowns during our down time. 

We know we don’t need the social validation or glorification of the world to know we are doing something right. 

We just need the love and smiles of the ones that we aren’t parenting or coaching, but the ones we are learning from the most ourselves, our kids. 

So happy Father’s Day to you Coach Pop and to all of you incredible fathers that I know. 

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