Unfinished Business

**cracks fingers**

To Offer The Supermax or To Not.

The Decision part 3.

Superteam To Hollywood

Blah, blah, blah, blah.

Lets call this what it should really be called,


So, lets jump back a few years ago to the summer of 2014, the Spurs beat the Heat so damn bad and completed the destruction of the Heat super team that should’ve happened a year earlier, but we all know how that bullshit ass call turned out. 

Anyways, Kawhi, redeemed himself and proved to the Spurs franchise and to the world that he was more than capable of holding a franchise and he was not only a worthy adversary, but a new heir to the throne of King James, with his dominant and Finals MVP performance.

Enter the years of a franchise in transition, a return home and yet another dynasty being bought.

After being crushed, LeBron returned home. The Warriors were making the rumblings of a young flashy problem and it should have been the year that Kawhi got the keys to the franchise finally took off.

But again, the years of a franchise in transition.

Tim Duncan was still the anchor of the franchise and clearly Kawhi still sat back seat to his greatness and we were a aging team with a young superstar.

So it was Cavs v Warriors part 1.,,

Enter year two of the saga, the Warriors were the fuckng Beatles of the NBA, they had the babyface, the run and gun, the legendary young coach, etc, etc, etc. 

The Cavs were the Cavs, making all the moves in the world but just looking like a beached whale of a King. Splashing and kicking around not really going any fucking where.

And speaking of whales… The Spurs finally made the big move to nab their Moby Dick and brought in Lamarcus Aldridge. The years of a franchise in transition was going smoothly, Kawhi was going to have his number 2, the Spurs have finally reloaded.


Kawhi and Lamarcus, with the greatness of Timmy and Pop?

Warriors, you young fools. LeBron, hope you got your broom…


Welp. Russell fucking Westbrook summoned his inner Kobe Bryant and balled out like he was Kobe killing us in the Alamodome. And LeBron finally brought one back home to Cleveland.




We all knew it was the final years of his greatness and we all knew that he was bound to walk away at one point. But we never thought this was going to be the final image of our beloved franchise walking off the court for the final time…

Ohh yeah, after the fucking Thunder beat the Spurs and lost to the run and gun Warriors.


Durrant finally dropped OKC and went out west to form the real fucking super team of Golden State. 

And enter the year of the final transition of the Spurs. Timmy finally sat down and gave the franshise to Kawhi and boy, did he fucking step up.

Averaging 25 a game and leading the Spurs to a 61-21 record. Made easy work of Memphis and Houston in the playoffs on the way to the showdown with the Warriors. 

Game 1 vs the Warriors.

All hands on deck and ready to shoot. 

62 to 42 at halftime in Oakland.

The Spurs are up and Kawhi is looking to get back what he left in the 2014 Finals.

His Crown.

But then… as fate would have it… he turned his ankle while draining a three… we all hold our breath… he walks it off… you could hear a fucking pin drop on the San Antonio bench and all over San Antonio as we wait to see Kawhi come back to the floor… After the longest timeout in the world he finally does… THEN ZAZA FUCKING PACHULIA.

Kawhi leaves the game with 26 points and 8 boards midway through the 3rd…

Little did we know what would follow. 

The 4-1 trouncing out of the playoffs.

Some cupcake shit about Durrant.

They won.

Kyrie wants out.

LeBron is a 47 year old freak of nature.

The Suns and Bulls still suck.

Kawhi comes back for a game.

He looks good.

He’s injured?

He wants a trade?

Tony calls him out?

He’s ready to go by the playoffs!!

Wait, we have to ask Kawhi’s people?

Heartbreak for our leader.

4-1 to the fucking Warriors again.




This bitch.

So now we are here at the summer of 2018. The summer of Unfinished Business. 

Look, I’m not here to get into the discussion of LeBron’s greatness or him vs MJ or any of that bullshit. That is another time and place. But this shouldn’t be a summer about where he goes or what super team he’s going to form. It shouldn’t even be about the supermax for Kawhi. 

It should be about the unfinished business of Lebron and Kawhi.

The 1 and 1 super bouts that left the NBA in awe while the Warriors snuck in the back door and ran off with 3 titles.

A NBA Finals showdown that is 4 years in the making and the rightful passing of the guard.

I know, I know, but what if LeBron wanted to bring his talents to the Alamo City?

I wouldn’t dislike the guy, but as a fan of the game and a fan or great theatrics. I would’nt want the guy here. I still hold a grudge with the fucking guy because everyone was on his dick while Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant we’re holding up their part of the generational transition of greatness while, he was playing hop scotch trying to win a title. 


I know as well as the next guy that he is thee most freakishly gifted athlete we will ever see in quite some time and how he is still preforming at this age with that milage is beyond me and any kind of worldly science.

But I still don’t want him on my team.

We have the next generational superstar. He locks down his opponents and has developed as a monster on the offensive side and still drives his paid off 97 Tahoe. 

We’re not going to see a ESPN Special, The Decision a Kawhi Choice. We won’t hear Coach Pop asking if Kawhi really deserves the supermax on CBS. We’re not going to hear or see none of that, because that is not Kawhi’s style or San Antonio’’s style. Their style is the shut the fuck up and take care of business.

Let the circus of LeBron do what the circus of Lebron does.

Let the Warriors wiggle the cap to fit another player on their star studded roster.

Let the rest of the NBA make all the jumps and moves and unearthly star alignments possible.

Let them.

But, Kawhi.


San Antonio.

There is unfinished business to tend to.



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