We Need One Another

This is strictly dedicated to the men I have been blessed to grow with, eat with, converse with, work with and just enjoy their presence  with. And to whom ever might stumble upon this, just like I did The Order Of Man. 

I’ve told everyone about all the wonders that meditation has done for me. But what I haven’t been talking about is the other driving force in my life right now and has been for the past few months, and that has been the circle of people I have surrounded myself with. 

The shift of energy and perspective that I have gained through meditation I have applied to revamping my entire mentality. And this is includes everything and everyone I allow into my mind. This all started with just a random fucking podcast. 

We all want better and want to be the best and want to get the fuck out of our rut but how many of us actually do it? How many of us follow through with this? How many of us stop the fucking bitching, stop listening to others just bitch and feed ourselves positivity and discipline and surround ourselves with others that have the same mindset. 

Others who aren’t just going to sit there and drink a beer with you and fucking mope around with you about their same shitty situation. NO. You need to find others who ARE going to hear you out, look you dead in the eye and say, “MAN THE FUCK UP. LETS READ A BOOK AND PLAN HOW TO BETTER THIS SHIT OUT. 

Iron sharpens iron. Diamonds are made from tremendous amounts of pressure. So you have to seek out other men who are sharp as fuck that will put that fucking pressure on you with every hit they have…. So you can become more than just that muck that you are so tired of being in. So you can become that great man in the mirror, so you can become a better father for your children, a more loving husband for your wife, a more courageous leader for your fellow men. So you can become that fucking diamond. 

And don’t tell me that you are nothing more than a product of your environment or you can’t find anyone else with the same mindset. NO. At our day and age, you have the world in your god damn hands, but you choose to read someone’s ignorance on who’s lives do and do not matter, you choose to chase Pokemon, you choose to send dick pics to a woman who is just going to laugh at you. You choose to focus on such dumb bullshit. 

The world is fucked up. I get it. Your mom is a bitch. I get it. You hate your siblings. I get it. Your best friend is fucking your girl. I get it. But this places so much more importance on YOU. YOU NEED TO GET UP AND FIND YOUR FUCKING TRIBE. FIND THE OTHER PIECES OF IRON TO SHARPEN YOU.

Because when you sharpen yourself…. You become sharp enough to cut through all the bullshit in life. You are able to pierce through your decisions with swift follow through. Quickly sever all the toxicity and toxic people in your life. 

You become that fiery sword you always wanted as a boy, but now you are strong enough to wield and use it now as a man. 

So hear I am, encouraging you again to read a book, find a group of men to look up to, be a man to look up to, call your friend and tell him that you fucking love him and you want to see him do better. Simply, man the fuck up. 

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