The Devine Order

Action, patience and follow through. That’s what most people are lacking nowadays. Everyone is so quick to say, “I hate my fucking job” or “I hate this” or “I hate that”. But where the fuck is your follow through? What are you doing about the job you hate? The person you hate? The situation you fucking despise?

I hated the fucking numbers and sales of my last job. HATED IT. I hated being around greedy number fucks that couldn’t touch my work ethic with a three mile pole. So what did I do about it? Made a plan, murdered the overtime, networked like a mother fucker, saved up and when I saw my opening…. I hit that bitch like 94′ Emmit Smith. 

Action, patience and follow through. 

So again, where are your actions on the shit you talk?

Drinking and smoking to escape the reality of your hatred?

Sucking your bosses dick for a promotion?


Cultivating something greater within?

Buying a self improvement book to make you that much better than the fat fuck you’re unfortunately under. 

Waking up at 4 am to do your self improvement exercises because you it will eventually improve your situation. 

Continuously doing all the shit that no one else is seeing, but YOU know is paying off. 

It’s all about, planning, action, patience and follow through. 



“Fuck you, appreciate me”.

“Fuck you, adore me”.  

You’re already preach the plan, now it’s about the action, patience and follow through. 

The devine fucking order. 

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