We are all on a beach building sandcastles, waves come in a wash them away, some of us get scared (maybe smarter) and head inland to build more safer and stable castles while some of us, get more courageous, more inventive, more prospective on building. We learn to deal with the waves and how to restart building, we build up strength and confidence all the while. Living on a beach isn’t easy, some times you really love the castle you just built and it’s hard to watch the waves just come and take it away or have someone running recklessly come and trample over what you’ve made or sometimes you’re just not building correctly and it all falls down. But it’s just all in all and you take it as it comes, knowing that you have already made countless castles, so you know what works and what doesn’t and then you realize, who the fuck needs a castle when you’re already living on a beach. Why are you in such a rush to build a castle anyway. There’s shorelines to be ran on and waves to be rode.

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