Be Aware

It’s one thing to be a brutal beast. A fucking savage. Ready and willing to destroy and demolish anything and everything in your way. Running around reckless with the great strength that the almighty has given you. Blowing up your dynamite with no regards or compassion for the bystanders or aftermath. 

All you’re really doing is spinning your tremendous wheels and going nowhere and giving the people and society you despise and want to bring down, every single reason to single you out and lock you away. 

But to be an aware beast…. now we’re fucking talking. To be an educated beast. A self aware beast. Realizing that your strength is so much more than just physical. Using your savagery to build your own kingdom. Recklessly hitting the books. Learning the ways of those around you, so that way you are able to draw out detailed blueprints, designs and craft pastel shades of your dynamite, then sale it back to their asses and nuke their fucking world to hell. 

Ahhh, to be an aware fucking beast. You’re no longer just spinning your wheels and going nowhere. You’re now spinning your fucking world and going wherever the fuck you want. 

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