They’ll tell you that you can’t lose the weight. They’ll tell you that you won’t make more than minimum wage with your conviction. They’ll tell you can’t get a job with those face tattoos. They’ll tell you that you’re never going to do better than them. They’ll tell you that you can’t make a living talking as crazy as you do. They’ll tell you that you’re crazy for wanting to surf down in South America. They’ll tell you that you can’t wear fucking make up. 

But here’s what they don’t tell you. 

They don’t tell you the creative line after line after line that your soul and imagination pump continuously out of your fingers. 

They don’t see what your ambition and vision is vividly tunnel visioned in on. 

They are not ignited by the burning desire to shove every damn bit of fucking negativity right down their pathetic throats and to pull out their still beating hearts just to plant some flowers of positivity in it. 

They are not your cultivated self discipline that rises yourself and your standards so damn high, to the heights of where they can never touch you again.

Another thing they won’t tell you…. Is that they are all in your head. That nobody outside of your head gives two fucks about what you do or don’t do, but they inflate your ego to make you think that they do. They make you second guess your passions, creativity and that inner voice knowing that something isn’t right. 

So it’s your job to sit down and realize where THEY are coming from and it is your job to shut them the fuck up and engulf yourself in everything else your soul is telling you. Once you start to hear your soul talk, everything else just becomes bullshit. You really have to dig deeply inward to branch astronomically outwards. 

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